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ETS’ consulting solutions are aimed at accelerating the business value of IT initiatives by helping to bridge the strategy-to-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature and industry-specific consulting solutions. ETS’ Consulting Services deliver integrated, end-to-end IT enabled solutions and services to help your business transform with certainty. Our integrated consulting and IT services will bring continuity and consistency to your strategic programs. ETS aligns its software consulting services to the clients’ business, quality, and testing objectives to maximize ROI. The testing objectives are determined by product goals and can range from improving customer satisfaction, reducing time-to-market, improving product quality, increasing predictability, to managing costs.

Transformation Is Key


Challenges and opportunities


ETS’ Consulting provides services through six practices

We maintain an active thought of leadership program that includes white papers, test innovations and project health check. At ETS strategy and execution are tightly integrated to create an accountability model for success. A consulting assignment begins with an assessment of current processes and product objectives and lays out a clearly defined implementation plan for aligning testing objectives. As a partner we bring years of experience in practicing, researching, and defining software testing processes, and assist in optimizing testing efficiency through a mix of QA tools and methodologies consistent with the industry best practices.

Test Framework

  • Hunting Software Bugs??
  • No Test Coverage??
  • Re-work??
Testing is often an immature discipline in almost every other organization. Envision Testing Solution (ETS) provides an insight to build customers confidence by helping them achieve better software quality, faster time to market and quantifiable return on investment. ETS brings the industry thought leadership in test consulting through professional test specialists, matured testing framework and end-to-end test management activities. While pursuing traditional software development life cycle test team needs to surpass many divergent phases; ETS thus helps test team to adopt industry best practices, techniques, tools, and framework to improve the end-to-end application/product testing cycle.
Approximate 85% of testing projects get execute manually for functional. It is very important to set up right testing process and practices for manual testing activities to meet client satisfaction with high quality of service and delivery. Our highly competent consultants have a vast experience in implementing and executing manual test processes for different domain and products. We will access your type of delivery and requirement in testing quality and assist you to set up industry standard manual testing process covering all the phases of SDLC. ETS uses robust process, practice and approach of the industry towards corporate training and consulting. We ensure your success towards high quality test solution.  At ETS we understand requirements and study client’s current test process and practices. We analyze the loopholes and come up with best-fit solution for the testing process, practice and strategy. We evaluate the competency level of test team and suggest process of getting them in the requirement level of testing.

Test Automation

For any product development lifecycle the usage of the tools will be most successful if the automation testing process uses effective test automation process. The key challenge for executives is to achieve the linear relationship between growing test requirements, 100% test coverage and the effort/cost required to cover them. It is always difficult to arrive at optimal technical test approach that addresses optimized cost, better quality and improved time to market. Automated testing is finding favor in testing projects across various technologies and domains; providing various proven strategies and methodologies to optimize the regression testing cost while sustaining the quality that will contribute to a faster rollout/upgrade or to lower maintenance costs for an already deployed application. In this consultancy we show how to design and deploy automation framework for a given product. We show how to analyze the product and capability of the tool against the product feature. Deploy a framework for minimize the maintenance and maximize the functional coverage to reduce regression testing cycle.
This consultancy covers adequate training, pilot project and deployment of a scaled down version of automation framework which can be scaled up easily and reused effectively.

Performance Testing

From practitioners view point, “The application is horribly slow!”. “Even after getting a cup of coffee yet the response from application is not visible”. When it comes to application development and maintenance, many companies struggle to maintain adequate resources deeply skilled in application testing. At the same time, IT applications have become increasingly integrated into how companies serve their customers, so that traditionally technical issues can translate into real business problems. With every passing day, organizations are becoming more and more conscious about the performance of their Enterprise Solutions. As the IT industry matures and the technology evolves, so does the awareness about expectations from an Enterprise Application. It is no longer sufficient to just conduct the functional testing alone for an application; instead it became mandatory to validate the desired performance parameters and benchmarking of that application before getting deployed in production.
ETS’ consultation on performance testing will ensure you to build confidence on your software before it is deployed live in production by finding the bottleneck of your application. Performance consultancy will support you to identify & understand the performance needs like Response time check, Throughput, component downloading performance, capacity planning, stress and scalability of your product. We will support you for developing the high level and detail level planning, benchmarking or base lining performance data. ETS’ consultancy will also support you to develop performance test process, design the execution and post test analysis of performance health check. Specialized knowledge in the area of performance test management, planning and execution on multiple domains and product is the key of success of consultancy.


Test Management

“I want to know what is over the horizon. Don’t talk to me about bits and bytes. If I am going to invest millions with your company, you need to talk to me about the Future…”

- CIO's / Business Leaders

A high degree of software testing project fails as organizations lack to understand the client requirement, having ad-hoc test management, not utilizing right tracking and monitoring process throughout the testing phases. The discipline of test management is about providing the techniques that enable the project team (not just the test manager) to organize their work to meet these constraints. But through effective test management these challenges can be minimized and we can learn from our experience and develop some best practices which can be helpful in effective test management. The issue in turn doesn’t capture flaw, bottleneck or defect of requirements of test coverage, estimation, and process on time. Hence the issue integrates in the later stage of implementing product and impact huge loss in revenue and trust of clients, end customers.
ETS’ consultant is highly experienced in implementing and improving test management process and best practices to ensure delivered product is having minimum defects. Our efficient test management model can ensure the traceability, visibility of all the testing activities throughout the SDLC. Our consultancy will understand your engagement with product implementation or client and cater a highly effective test management process to ensure the product quality and prediction of your needs.

Test Center of Excellence

Business is coming under significant pressures to increase productivity and operational effectiveness. Global competition and the digital economy are requiring organizations to rethink how they do business. Effective testing gives your organization a critical business advantage by providing accurate information on the status of a product, or a product enhancement, before it reaches the market. Test CoE for any organization brings people-process-technology together to ensure that organization delivery quality and long-term optimization on testing. Test CoE for any growing software product and service company is an independent-third party, centre of excellence to cater testing needs (impact on business values) of the organization. It is a focused growth/improvement on the area of End-to-End testing, knowledge, solution of the organization need and up-market strategy to optimize testing. 

ETS’ TestCoE creates Processes and methodologies that promote consistency, implementation of best practices and knowledge sharing and continuous improvement. Our highly experienced consultancy will assist you to create an independent excellence in testing by

Test Process

IT Organization needs to be agile and quick to market with their software applications/products, thus need to have a strong & stringent test process and quality output. ETS’ Test process services provide a comprehensive portfolio of services anchored around a Test Process Framework that is based on years of proven experience and expertise in independent software testing for organizations like banking, logistics and telco. ETS’ team of experience technical consultant is well equipped to provide an optimal strategy, planning and execution services as well as premeditated delivery for successful implementation. The goal of Test Process Assessment is to evaluate testing activities within the organization, whether at project, program or organizational level and identify strengths, as well as areas of opportunity to improve.
ETS’ will conduct a detailed AS-IS analysis of the current software development process & software test process and would measure against the industry best practices. The objective is to view the current process maturity an organization have? Later consultant will get involve in studying the process, methodologies, identifying gaps and providing recommendations. This approach will also define the short term and long term process improvement goal for the organization.
After gaining experience from across industry and diversified test process practice, ETS’ has developed a test process framework using industry best practice and standards to derive efficient and effective delivery model.

Quality and test lifecycle management

Test strategy management

Test frameworks