IT Industry has been experiencing continuous quake quiet some time by now. Software QA organizations are constantly working towards innovating some new test solutions, technological solutions & best practices, test improvement methodologies that can help to ensure the business growth without hampering the organization. In order to keep tempo with current challenges, ETS’ deliver targeted solutions for testing and assurance aligned to the needs of your business. Ranging from policy and strategy definition through to testing approach and fully managed services. At ETS’ we combine our significant domain and life cycle experience to make sure that the right solution is being built for the business and that it is being built right to offer a return on investment.

Test Factory

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Optimized idea of instrumental testing goes, as is so often the case in testing, by multiple names. Amongst or perhaps the most common term is “testing as a service - TAAS”, although sometimes it is found to be unsatisfactory. It’s derivation from similar phrases used to describe strictly technical ideas makes it look suspiciously like an example of marketing bandwagon jumping. “Factory model testing” better describes the aspects which appeal to testers, i.e. rigorous definition of input, function and output.
Test Factory, comprehensive software testing with quality assurance solution designed specifically to create a more efficient approach for delivering software testing services. ETS’ Test Factory provides testing service providers with a comprehensive and industrialized solution to help resolve a range of complex business challenges, including those driven by rapid growth and increased competitive pressures.
ETS’ offers setting up a Testing Centre of Excellence – Factory Model for Client’s to be the preferred testing partner in a multi vendor development environment with the following approach. A complex range of skills is required for quality assurance, including knowledge of the industry, the business and its applications, and certain skills are not needed full time

ETS’ Test Factory Model Offerings