In recent times, due to the increasing complexity of modern software development projects it is essential that QA/Testers are well equipped with the knowledge on software testing, tools techniques and it would be more beneficial if tester is certified. Whereas, many employees are shifted into QA positions from programming or other areas in development or just a change of work duties. ETS’ have found that in a number of cases there has been a vague understanding of the QA/ Testing Process, and often a lack of the SDLC comprehension tools that are necessary for productive software testing.
It is vital for any company that their QA Team possess a thorough understanding of the ‘Software Development Process’ & Software Test Process’, and how it fits into the business approach and goals of the organization. Therefore, without the pertinent knowledge and training through QA/Tester training the process cannot be completely thorough.
ETS’ has got a powerhouse of Software Testing courses designed by working QA professionals with Testing & Quality Assurance experience in the industry, providing high quality interactive trainings & workshop. Our consultants are eager to share the benefits of their experience with a larger audience in a classroom; this course has been designed to emphasize both the theoretical aspects of testing along with the practical guidelines needed to accelerate a career in the Testing and QA space.
ETS’ has taken a step ahead to segregate the software testing training into 3 diversified segments, so that the target audience gets full benefit of the theoretical & practical experience shared during the training.

Software Testing

Past 8-10 years, software testing became one of the most important part of software development lifecycle. Appropriate software testing knowledge to the testing team can define quality of the product and service with high degree of maturity compared to their competitor. ETS’ has got a well defined and structured training assignments for the independent test team and corporate which gives exponential knowledge about quality assurance and control.

Testing Tools & Techniques

Regressive manual testing? You might be working with functional testing (manually) from past many years. Do you know what is automation? How it is been done? Which test tool can be used? Why test automation is required? Just flush out all these queries from your mind and think of getting educated on test automation. ETS’ brings in the authenticate test automation and performance testing training using industry standard tools. ETS’ has design training course in such a way that it will definitely improvise the faster time to market.
Our training on software testing covers all the major component and activities in the following topics:

Software Testing Certifications

Why software test certification is Important? Have given a thought to this? If not then let’s take a step ahead and learn skills required to be a certified test engineers. ETS’ brings you the industry standard certification training course with granular details and mock test facilities. Our training on software testing covers all the major component and activities in the following topics: